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Study Recruitment

Study Recruitment

Don't know where to start? Finding studies that are a good fit is an overwhelming task and often the biggest barrier to entry. We use our network and partners to find clinical trials that are best for you while assisting with the start-up process every step of the way.

Our service

Our service

Find studies that fit your interests, experience, and patient population.

Help complete necessary paperwork and trainings (CVs, GCPs, etc.).

Negotiate contracts with sponsors to ensure fair compensation.

Diligently communicate with sponsors and CROs during the start-up phase. 

Sponsors & CROs

Assess our work experience through registered platforms.

Have continuous access to all personnel documents such as CVs, GCPs, and medical licenses. 

Maintain easy and prompt correspondence during study start-up. 

Regulatory Management

Managing regulatory documents and updates throughout the study can be overwhelming and often delays crucial phases such as study start-up. We've done so many trials and worked with so many different sponsors that regulatory management is a piece of cake. Might we add that we are a fully electronic ?
Regulator Management

Our service

Our service

Manage all regulatory duties of a clinical study from start to finish. 

Provide training on regulatory components and good industry practices. 

Maintain all regulatory documents in an electronic database, no paper binders!

Provide updates on important study related correspondence from sponsors/CROs.

Sponsors & CROs

Benefit from timely communication- our contract turnaround time is ~1 week.

Rest assured that Investigators and study staff are aware of safety alerts and other study updates. 

Obtain easy access to all regulatory documentation through our use of a CRF 21 part 11 EMDS. 

Protocol and Data Management

Protocol & Data Management

Clinical studies require a variety of system, often varying by study in order to manage investigational product, manage data, and report safety events. Further, using paper to collect source data results in excessive paperwork, lack of accessibility, and less transparency. We use a 21 CRF Part 11 compliant data management system, making our sites fully paperless!

Our service

Our service

Ensure proper use of the different EDC, IWRS, and lab portals.

Properly train entire staff on study protocols and amendments

Manage all accounting, visit scheduling, and protocol requirement. 

Capture all regulatory and source data through an electronic data management system. Goodbye paper!

Sponsors & CROs

Trust that the investigators and staff have comprehensive understanding on the study protocol, EDC, IWRS, and more. 

Have continuous access to all regulatory and source data allowing for remote oversight. 

Benefit from highly transparent and quality data collection/reporting. 

Study Resources and Personnel

Study Resources & Personnel

It can be difficult to manage the additional time commitments for a clinical study. Sometimes study visits are conducted at separate study facilities which is inconvenient for patients and staff. We solve this by sending our own qualified and dedicated research staff, allowing doctors and patients to benefit form a clinical study at their very own clinic. 

Our service

Our service

Send experienced and dedicated staff to the Investigator's own clinic.

Train medical staff such as nurses and medical assistants.

Sponsors & CROs

Trust staff that is solely dedicated to conducting clinical research.

Benefit from a team that is highly competent and strives for excellence. We train and require our coordinators to take the CCRP when eligible. 

Have an Investigator that is accessible and aware of study protocol. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email!

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